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pepper iconGeneral Gau's Chicken  左宗雞 
Crispy chicken chunks coated W. lotus flour sauteed W. chefs sweet & sour sauce, served W. steamed broccoli.
pepper iconGeneral Gau's Shrimp  左宗蝦 
Crispy shrimp chunks coated W. lotus flour sauteed W. chefs sweet & sour sauce, served W. steamed broccoli.
pepper iconGarlic Chicken  蒜香雞 
Chricken sauteed with broccoli, baby corn, pea pods, straw mushrooms in a spicy garlic sauce.
pepper iconDragon & Phoenix  龍鳳配 
Large shrimp & chicken in red Szechuan wine sauce.
pepper iconOrange Flavored Beef  陳皮牛 
siver of flank steak coated with lotus flour, fried crispy and sauteed with spicy orange flavored sauce, serves with steamed broccoli.
Gai Pu Lo Mein  雞甫撈麺 
Chicken fingers, beef, shrimp and veggie over a bed of lo mein.
Imperial Spareribs  京都骨 
Choice tenderloin coated with flour & stir fried with a special sweet & sour sauce
pepper iconKung Pao Delight  宮保會 
Shrimp, chicken and beef mixed with diced veggie & peanuts in our Kung Pao sauce.
1_9.jpg HS9 
pepper iconSpicy Salted Triple Delight  椒鹽三鮮 
Deep fried shrimp, scallop & calamari W. hand selected spices. A traditional Cantonese treat.
pepper iconSpicy Salted Sample of Three  椒鹽三寶 
Fried shrimp, calamari, pork chop with hand selected spices. A traditional Cantonese treat.
Delight of Three  炒三鮮 
Beef, chicken and jumbo shrimp sauteed with fresh vegetable.
Happy Family  全家福 
Jumbo shrimp, scallops, chicken and tender beef sauteed w. veggie in our brown sauce.
Marco Polo Delight  馬可波羅 
Tender beef and shrimp cooked with lobster sauce on a bed of pan fried noodles.
1_14.jpg HS14 
Hong Kong Steak with Chinese Broccoli  香港士的 
pepper iconSpicy Basil Crispy Shrimp or Duck  香辣泰式蝦 / 鴨 
Crispy shrimp / duck coated with lotus flour sauteed with basil, pepper and onion.
pepper iconSpicy Basil Crispy Chicken  香辣脆皮雞 
Crispy shrimp, duck or chicken coated with lotus flour sauteed with basil, pepper and onion.
Teriyaki Chicken  日 本 雞 
Basil, string beans, onions, pepper
pepper iconCrispy Fish  脆 皮 魚 
With choice of: (1) Sweet Chili Sauce, (2) Satay Sauce, (3) Black Pepper Sauce, (4) Basil Spicy, or (5) Veggie
Treasure Island  金 銀 島 
Tender chicken, beef, shrimp, roast pork, lobster and Chinese vegetables, sauteed with Chef's special sauce on a bed of Pork Lo Mein.

Items marked with pepper icon are hot and spicy.
Disclaimer: Actual items may vary from pictures displayed on this website. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

1_9.jpg Spicy Salted Triple Delight 

1_14.jpg Hong Kong Steak with Chinese Broccoli 

2_17.jpg Lobster Sauce Combo $5.75

2_18.jpg Pork Egg Foo Yong Combo $5.75

2_19.jpg Chicken or Subgum Chow Mein Combo $5.75

2_20.jpg Moo Goo Gai Pan Combo $6.00

2_21.jpg Beef (or Chicken) w/ Broccoli Combo $6.25

2_22.jpg Sweet & Sour Chicken Combo $6.25

2_23.jpg Pork Fried Ricd Combo $6.75

2_25.jpg Shrimp (or Chicken or Beef) W. Veggie Combo $6.75

2_26.jpg Shrimp w/ Lobster Sauce Combo $6.75

2_27.jpg General Gau's Chicken Combo $6.75

2_29.jpg Sesame Chicken Combo $6.75

2_30.jpg Szechuan Spicy Shrimp Combo $6.75

2_32.jpg Beef (or Chicken) w/ Mushroom Combo $6.75

2_33.jpg Chicken w/ Cashew Nuts Combo $6.75

2_34.jpg Beef (or Chicken) Combo $6.75

2_37.jpg Orange flavored Chicken Combo $6.75

2_38.jpg Pepper Steak (or Chicken) Combo $6.75

2_41.jpg House Fried Rice Combo $8.45

2_42.jpg Beef (or Shrimp) Fried Rice Combo $7.45

2_43.jpg Delight of Three Combo $8.00

2_45.jpg Any Three (3) Different Appetizers Combo $8.75

3_48.jpg Spring Roll $2.25

3_50.jpg Pork Strip $5.15

3_52.jpg Boneless Spareribs $4.90

3_53.jpg Chicken Wings $5.25

3_55.jpg Chicken Fingers $4.90

3_57.jpg Chicken Teriyaki $5.15

3_59.jpg Crab Rangoon $4.75

4_69.jpg Pu Pu Platter for 2 

6_75.jpg Wonton Soup w/ Roast Pork or Chicken $2.90

6_79.jpg Egg Drop Soup $2.90

6_81.jpg Thai Hot & Sour Shrimp Soup $3.85

8_93.jpg Shrimp Fried Rice $5.15

8_94.jpg Yang Chow Fried Rice $5.35

8_95.jpg House Fried Rice $5.65

9_103.jpg Vegetables Lo Mein $4.90

9_106.jpg Chicken Lo Mein $5.35

11_114.jpg Vegetarian Chow Mein $4.35

14_132.jpg Chicken w/ Broccoli $6.15

14_136.jpg Satay Chicken $6.15

14_139.jpg Szechuan Spicy Chicken $6.15

15_160.jpg Beef Brisket w/ Veggie 

15_166.jpg Beef Filet in Black Pepper Sauce 

16_167.jpg Lobster Sauce $4.65

16_176.jpg Vietnamese Lemon Grass Pork Chop 

17_179.jpg Chicken Egg Foo Young 

18_195.jpg Shrimp w/ Walnut 

19_219.jpg Spicy Salted Tofu & String Bean $5.90

21_227.jpg Beef Wok Tossed Chow Foon & Rice Noodle 

21_228.jpg Beef w/ Pepper & Onion Chow Foon & Rice Noodle 

25_256.jpg Beef or Chicken w/ Broccoli Chinatown Rice Plates 

15_325.jpg General Gau Beef 

19_347.jpg Garlic Yochoi 

18_367.jpg Kung Pao Calamari $6.65

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